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      Alright i have look on google and i can find no answers to this hypothetical situation…

      Ok. If you have a Sensory Neuron next to another Sensory Neuron and another behind that going along in a long circular chain that ends at the first Senory Neuron, and a Stimulus is applied to the first Sensory Neuron would the next neuron get this impulse from the first and continue passing it along to the next and the next and so forth? now the main part of my question is what happens when the signal gets back to the origional sensory neuron, would it continue passing it along in an endless cycle?

      Any help you can give me on this would be much appresiated 🙂

      Thanks in advance!


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      That wouldn’t happen, because they would need to be intermediate neurons, and sensory neurons are only afferent.

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