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      what types of environmental and molecular interactions affect gene expression. please could help me cannot find anything on it 😥

      thank you

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      Gene expression is managed by whether it’s dominant or recessive. Unless it is incomplete dominance, then both are presented. For example, if a red flower is crossed with a white flower, the offspring will be pink flowers. If the inherited genes are codominant, both alleles are completely expressed, like in blood type. If you have blood type AB, you will have both carbohydrates represented on the blood cells. That also goes for multiple alleles. If this didn’t help try searching Epistasis, Pleiotropy or something

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      Depending upon the depth of the answer you’re looking for, try a search on expression and methylation as well.

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      its a 1500 essay. need to talk about the interactions that influence the expression of genes. need to give examples of envornmental and molecular interactions in my answer.

      Please could you help me what i need to do for example tell me wat i need to talk about or research more for couple of environmental and molecular examples interactions that infulance expression of a gene

      in intro will talk about gene expression what it is and what it does. will say what examples im going to talk about for environmental and molecular examples.

      then in main body will talk about at least 2 environmental examples and then 2 molecular examples

      then conlusion at end.

      would appreciate the help cos it sooo confusing 🙁

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      The bacterial system controlling expression of the genes needed to take up and use lactose is a classic example of the regulation of genes in response to an organism’s environment. It is also a dangerous example, as it is a system your instructor is likely very familiar with, so if you decide to use this example be sure to study it carefully.

      Historical notes on the discovery of the lactose-response genes (the lac operon):

      For a different example of a response to environmental stress, you might consider the heat-shock system:

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