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      First i looked on the forum and i saw no answer

      Since almost 2 weeks, i’m looking for the complete p425 with GAL1 promoter vector sequence. I try to construct it in silico with the original paper but i did not managed. Has someone the sequence and could this person give me ? it could be really nice.


      Have nice day.

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      All I can find is the ATCC brief description of the vector (ATCC Number 87339) but I suspect you’ve already seen this page. All you can link to is a circular map of the vector. You’d think there would be a link to a sequence, but I couldn’t find one. Perhaps you can contact the ATCC directly and they’ll give you the sequence. I don’t find any commercial supplier, either. The ATCC page refers you to a 1994 NAR paper from which I presume you can reconstruct the sequence if you have to. The vector doesn’t seem to have made it into the ncbi vector database unless it goes by more than one name. Sorry. I struck out.

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      This isn’t the right marker, but it may help.

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