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      Dscribe what happens to the percentage of
      (a) water vapour
      (b) oxygen
      (c) Carbon dioxide
      in the air during breathing.

      What are the possible causes fro the change in percentage of
      (a) Water vapour
      (b) oxygen
      (c) carbon dioxide
      in the air during breathing?

      During breathing, what effects does the change in the percentage of
      (a) water vapour
      (b) oxygen
      (c) carbon dioxide
      have on the body?

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      We do not make your home work for you!

      Here is a few leads that should help you figure out the answers for yourself…

      Are your lungs moister than the ambient air?
      Why do we respire? Which gases are exchanged?

      Good luck… And f you have doubts share them with us, we will happily help you correct answers (and tell us how you got them please, it’s easier to correct a reasonning when we see where it is flawed)


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