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      i seen a scary movie,it said that a special virus(g virus) ,mutate a human completely (very scary),it mutate the muscle and the thinking of the human will be deleted and will be replaced by the virus. it do not know any thing about himself and kill all living things who is seen by extreme speed ,it even kills its close relationship people!!!
      you can see the final form of the mutated human at here; … 24&bih=637
      do it exist in the earth?
      i am very worried about this
      a human turned to this!!
      do the g virus exist in earth?

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      Turn brain on first.
      I do not know if you are genuinely asking or spamming th forum with your link. Honestly, this is a drawing coming from a science-fiction video game/movie. The existence of this virus is just as real as that of Harry Potter’s wizards, twilight vampires, Winnie the pooh, the tooth fairy and gods.

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