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      I have an idea how to carry out my biology planning excercise using a colorimeter to measure how much light passes through a solution of methylene blue and yeast after the enzymes have had chance to respire. My problem being that yeast cells will scatter the light, so i want to take them out of the solution before putting it into the colorimeter.
      Would filter paper work? Does anyone know how i can separate the yeast cells?

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      i recomended you to try the sentrifuge on low speed.

      the "sedimen" you get is the yeast cell. it’ll be ease for you to get the solution without the yeast cell. ah, make sure to separate them by repeat the sentrifugation. hm.. maybe 3 times

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      you don’t need to take them out just dilute the yeast suspension before starting the experiment

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      if you doing that, you may need correction. and the standard solution of the solution of yeast cells. and they already stained by MB (methylene blue)

      but, if we use centrifugation… we may get a better one. the higher accuration on the measurement without correction from the standard solution of yeast cells solution. ah, after all.. both of the exp. may need correction from the solvent we use.

      good luck 🙂

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      I’m not sure about that, but does anyone know the name of the enzyme which carries out the anaerobic respiration in the yeast, the one that methlene blue shows the activity of???????????/ 😐 ❓ ❓ ❗

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