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      Hello 😀
      If I have DNA on wich is gene which i want to be sequenced for example by Sanger method there I need one-stranded DNA, which i need to know is how i separate that double stranded DNA to one stranded molecules (this i know) and how i distinguish that strand on which is that gene (this i dont know). Cause i separate that two strands apart but i need only one on which is gene, for sequence reaction, the other is not of my interest.
      Maybe supid question, but i only begin today with it so maybe tomorow i will know it yet.
      Thanks thanks thanks

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      All those steps are in the sequencing reaction. First you “melt” the double helix by boiling (or heating at 94ºCin a thermocycler). Then since you are extending a primer which is specific, if everything is OK you have your sequence.

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