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      I had certain personal experiences in my life that made me doubt if activity induced brain dominance shifts could occur; i.e. Can the nature of work that we do induce (even slightly)changes in our brain dominance?

      I had this personal experience some time ago, where I had to prepare for a very important exam (which, by the way, had memorization of large amounts of facts and formulas etc). I had to spend a lot of time doing monotonous tasks such as memorizing things that were of little personal concern to me. This was all against my will but still, I had to do it to escape the consequences. Times were very intense and monotonous back then. It was at this time that I learnt to write poems and be artistic. I wrote pieces of text that were artistic and beautiful. Infinitely strange, however, was the fact that I could just sit in front of my PC and instantly bring poems out of nowhere! It was so bizarre and entertaining.

      After those exams were over however, I was free from any obligation. Things weren’t monotonous anymore. It was also at this time that I couldn’t write even one beautiful poem! I tried hard, but still failed to write a poem.

      Now for the interesting part. I recently read from an anonymous source that, meditation involving continual repetition of words made the left brain to doze off. This, as explained, was supposedly due to the fact that left brain was logically consistent, analytical and thus, less interested in doing monotonous activities. The dozing of the left brain, in turn, relatively stimulated the right brain which is more actively responsible for phenomena such as self-realization, imagistic thinking etc. And, this explained the spiritual moments (often logically inconsistent; perhaps because of the dozing off of the left brain) encountered during meditation. These spiritual moments also seem to relieve mental stress and tension caused due to the counter-benefits of the left brain’s frequent encounters of the logical inconsistencies common in our societies.

      Though I don’t know how true this is, it seems to make sense esp. considering the nature of my personal experience. So, I was interested in knowing if activities could induce slight changes in brain dominance.

      I would be interested to receive expert opinions on this matter.

      I would also like to receive links of studies/reports/articles concerning inquiries on this phenomena.


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      When doing things as opposite as when you studied too hard–really stressed you a lot. The time probably that you wrote poems was a good outlet for you to release your stress. Your mood and your environment affects every task that you intend to do. You are on the other hand is "word-smart".

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      quite probable 😆

      one of the featured news on months ago was a lady in China who live in her adulthood normally then discovered that she had only half of her brain(the logic side). nobody however noticed any difference. she has had no problem with her speech which is supposedly confined in the other side(lost side)

      this discovery challenged our belief that the brain’s functions with regard to logic, speech, creativity and emotions are compartmentalized 😉

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