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      Hey everyone, I am a biology student and seeking help with some questions I need answered. I read the rules about the homework but the text book is massive and very hard to find specific answer I am seeking. I don’t want to feel like a burden or anything but if this is wrong with what I’m doing, I won’t mind if I don’t get a reply. So, here are some questions I would dearly appreciate if they were to be answered.

      Growing Cells in a test tube is called? I think it is growth of bacteria, not sure.
      What is the centromere? Inside the nucleus?
      What is an error in cell division called?
      Name an ethical issue in modern biology? Cancer? Really stuck on this one.
      Organisms with a definite nucleus are said to be?
      Growing cells in a living organism is called?

      Again, I would appreciate dearly if these could be answered, thanks 🙂

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      I think you can figure out many of those questions. Use the glossary for the terms. Growing cells in a test tube is called in vitro. Growing cells in a person is called in vivo. I think you should go read the chapter on cell biology for the rest.

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      ethical issue may be cloning of humans or testing new compounds on humans etc

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      Centromere –> Place where sister chromatids are held in contact
      Ethical issue –> Embryonic stem cells
      Organisms with a definite nucleus –> Eukaryotes

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