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      I am having trouble understanding how to calculate speed of diffusion. The lab book states “multiply the length of time and the distance moved by 6 in order to calculate the speed of diffusion:______mm/hr.” I do not understand how to do this calculation. The length of time I have is 10 mins and the distance moved is 9.2 m.

      This may be a simple mathematical equation, but I have not been in school in @ 25 yrs, and it is boggling my old brain. Any help is appreciated

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      What is this multiply by 6? I maybe could understand 60 as that would change hours into minutes or whatever.

      I don’t if there is a special calculation for diffusion but I would just do this:

      10 mins = 0.166 hr (10/60)

      9.2m = 9200mm.

      so 9200/0.166 = 55,200 mm/hr.

      Anyone want to tell me im wrong. ➡ or right? 😆

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      thanks. i didn’t understand about the multiply by 6. the other execises used the same equation as you. 😕 i have a very inquisitvie mind and can’t stand not knowing about something like this.

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      Easy but the explanation is bad. In fact what you are supposed to do is
      1/(9200*6) and you get the good result. Why simply because you are in fact calculating:
      The first part of the equation is the conversion of time into hours 10 minutes= 1/6 of an hour

      Or multiply the time by 6, convert minutes in hour (yeah I know: 1 hour) and divide this by the distance multiplied by 6.

      Chris4 Explanation is probably better, but those completely stupid explanations fits with your text…



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      Glad i was pretty much on the right track. Soz about my rubbish explanations and text, i did rush through that.

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