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      Hi there!

      I would just like some pointers/help in regards to what statistical tests I should use/consider and preferably how to do so in SPSS. I have carried out an invertebrate survey and would like to analyse the following variables- tree species, tree width at base, distance from tarmac (road or in parks- path) presence of vegetation, substrate surrounding tree base, invert species richness and abundance, and weather at time of collection. Any help anyone can give would be be greatly appreciated as I am stuck for time and really struggling!

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      I would add here that I am comparing invertebrate abundance and richness between urban street trees and urban park trees and which if any of the variables also have an impact on the abundance and richness

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      First of all I’m not really sure if this falls under the No Homework rule since I’m obviously not asking anyone to DO my homework for me. I’m simply not getting what my professor wants me to do here. I’m sorry if this thread violates any rules.

      solve this statistical help for this question:
      "There are 15 houses in a village along a straight road. The space between the individual houses varies randomly. Where should the post office be placed so the mailman has to walk the least possible distance while delivering the mail and returning to the office after each delivery."

      Intuitively, I’d say he wants me to do… something… with the median value. So the post office should be placed such that 50% of the houses are to the left and 50% are to the right -> Median.

      However, I’m unsure wether or not this would make for the least possible delivery-distance.

      So, any thoughts on this?

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