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      I’m in the process of getting grad schools PhD apps out before December. I’m looking particularly closely at programs in systems biology – the draw to not have to necessarily work behind a wet-lab bench for the rest of my life is particularly interesting. I also have an affinity for computers and I’m not that terrible in math/physics.

      My only issue is my background. I don’t come from an engineering/comp-sci background. I have a strong background in biology research – I have 3 co-authored publications (one of them in Nature Chemical Biology). My GPA is competitive, but not super high (3.36)… but from a very competitive university – UC Berkeley. I also have 3 very good letters of rec (one from a member of the National Academy of Science… my PI who’s on my publications)

      If anybody has an experience with applying to Systems Bio programs (or is currently in one), could you please provide me with some direction or advice as to this area of research or admissions in this area. Many thanks!

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      Hey fellow berkeley person, you should talk to Adam Arkin in the bioE department.

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