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      You may have heard that testosterone levels are dropping mysteriously. There’s some good studies that show this.

      I went to the effort of gathering nearly a thousand studies to find out when and where this started and to see if anywhere is immune to this testosterone drop. I found that testosterone has gone from ~700 ng/dl, which is healthy and would be considered pretty high today, to about 400 ng/dl, which is not far from “clinically low testosterone” and is a level at which there will definitely be noticeable “low test” results like loss of energy.

      I found that testosterone has fallen hard all around the world, except for Africa, Siberia, and parts of central Asia and the Middle East, which are remaining at the same high level that all the rest of the world used to be at. But the West, Latin America, and East Asia are all pretty low. Parts of Latin America are very low.

      I have two hypotheses – one is that consumption of “seed oils” is driving testosterone down. Places that eat traditional diets seem to still have high test. My other idea is that endocrine disruptor chemicals, namely pesticides, are driving testosterone down. The less agricultural chemicals used in a region, the more likely testosterone was to still be high.

      You can see my research here: I hope you enjoy it, and I hope someone gets some good info from this!

      testosterone levels around the world

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