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      Let’s chat about the Vibrios!! This is my favorite group of bacteria. (hense my name 😀 )

      So, who here knows about this genus? If you do, what do you think of it? Have you had any experiences with it?

      My favorite species:
      V. fischeri
      V. parahaemolyticus
      V. vulnificus
      V. damsela
      V. cholerae
      V. anguillarum

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      Generally, I like them, although I’m not quite fond of Vibrio cholerae. Members of this family also synthesize tetrodotoxin, an ancient marine alkaloid and powerful neurotoxin. Always make sure you have a large dose of tetracycline in case anything goes wrong.

      Vibrio fischeri and Vibrio harveyi are both symbiotes of other marine organisms, and produce light via bioluminescence.

      In terms of physical appearance, they’re not the most attractive bacteria but they do look cute sometimes.

      I love watching their little tails move.

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      I think they are very attractive!! I love their cuteness.

      What I love about V. fischeri is the symbiosis with E. scolopes. When the bacteria are in high concentration, they produce light and they live in the light organ of this squid. At night, when E. scolopes is out on the town, it can match the amount of light it produces with the intensity of the moonlight. This allows its shadow not to be seen so predators cannot see it.

      Some Links: … cheri.html

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      quote Vibrio:

      V. cholerae

      Vibrio cholerae is my favourite species of this genus.

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      and Cholera is an interesting disease too. Its funny, last year my teacher asked which we wanted to learn about, Cholera or stomach ulcers. We just happened to choose Cholera. If we hadn’t chosen that one, I probably would not know about the Vibrios today.

      That got me really interested in that genus. Now I go gaga over it 😀

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      This is my favorite…..

      Bacterio Phage……

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