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      Hey there, I have a few questions that I would like to ask about the genetics of the thickness of eyebrows. Actually, a part of my family has thick and a larger part has thin eyebrows. I find it interesting that I end up having the eyebrow trait from my grandmother, so I ended up researching more into this subject and I started having many questions:

      + In which chromosome is found the gene that controls the thickness of the eyebrows?
      + Is it only 1 gene who controls the thickness of hair on the eyebrow of an individual?
      + What it more beneficial: Having thick or thin eyebrows? If so, how?
      + Question on topic: By viewing a family tree, how does a specific trait can jump over a generation (p.ex: The mother has a thick eyebrows (ee) and the father has a thin eyebrows (Ee), all the kids (2nd generation) end up having thick eyebrows (Ee). But some kids (of the 3rd generation) end up having a familiar trait: thin eyebrows.
      + Any other important fact about the genetics related to the thickness of the eyebrows.

      If you can answer at least one of these questions, I’d be very appreciative. If you could answer me with a lot of scientific details and theories, that’d very great. Thank you for reading my post and I hope you are having a nice day! 🙂

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      Your problem is very professional, very profound,
      I am also very interested in, I hope someone can answer.

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      Maybe you can search the result on NCBI to see whether there are papers on these questions.

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      Eyebrows, like every other feature of humans, are on the human range of strong to weak growth. The range is thick eyebrows (strongest growth) to thin (weakest growth). You will ‘follow’ your nearest ‘contributor’s’ strengths to some extent (your parents) but all growth is within the normal human range and is just a matter of luck. Beyond the normal lies abnormality, indicative of a ‘mistake’ in the growing process due to illness, disease or malformation of the body in some way. If your mum had thick eyebrows and your dad thin, you will probably lie somewhere between; if both had thick, you will probably have thick- ish, but there is a ‘regression to the mean’ effect, so the thickness is not doubled!

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      Well i personally believe almost everything about us is probably genetic. nose, mouth, hair, eyebrows, facial features, fingers, toes e.t.c Everything in ourselves is inherited from parents/grand parents or maybe great grandparents just some traits may skip a generation or two.

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