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      I know it would better to ask medical experts here, but I just would like to know what others could say about it.

      As for recto-sigmoid cancer, the doctor I’d talked with said that the treatment regimen for this type of cancer would be chemotherapy and radiation therapy since the cancerous site is within the recto-sigmoid part of the colon.

      Actually, one of my significant others is having her chemotherapy for the past 3 months. (Her chemo meds include 5FU and leucoverin calcium). The doctor said that after her complete chemo regimen, she’ll be also subjected to radiation therapy then.

      Would it be possible that the chemotherapy regimen alone could have destroyed already the cancerous cells at least and there will be no need for a radiation therapy anymore? Thanks.

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      I think the problem would be that there is no way of knowing if all the cancer cells are destroyed. The radiation helps rid the body of any remaining undetectable cells.
      Sorry to hear your significant other is going through this.

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      Thanks michael. Well the situation I know is already there. It’s really part of our lives and what is important is that we have to be strong no matter where it would take us.

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      How could this topic be moved to human physiology? Thanks.

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