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      I am carrying out research on the glaucoma, and i have come across many names for the different types of glaucoma. I understand there are many forms, but i am gettin confused if some of the names are the same but just worded differently. So far i have the following list of types of glaucomas:

      -primary open-angle glaucoma
      -primary angle closure glaucoma
      – secondary open angle glaucoma
      – secondary angle closure glaucoma
      -normal tension glaucoma
      -acute glaucoma
      -pigmentary glaucoma
      -exfoliation syndrome
      -trauma-related glaucoma

      are these the most common forms of glaucoma, and if so are any of these the same just named differently? are there any that i missed out?
      Any information available on glaucoma and the structure of the eye will be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you in advance.

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