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      OK this is an odd one I admit, and I have no intention of attempting this experiment in reality. But what would happen if an older person were to attempt to replace their blood supply on a regular basis with that from a much younger person? I don’t mean literally like a vampire by drinking their blood, but maybe intravenously, on either a weekly or monthly basis, or on whatever basis necessary. Would this have any impact on the ageing process?

      You couldn’t do it with people, but it would be an interesting experiment to try out with rats.

      My interest has been raised by the idea of the potential practicality of biopacks in video games, which can be used when a player is injured to restore health. I am simply interested in how these might work in reality. Obviously being shot would still be fatal in most circumstances, but it’s possible to envisage a day when we could engineer biopacks that could undertake many of the functions of our ageing bodies. My hunch is that if these could work they would be biologically based. (Also we are not talking about people being shot here, just delaying ageing and the onset of ageing related diseases.)

      I know people will say I am mad, but think baby (or adolescent) in a backpack lol. But more specifically think of a time when we can engineer (unconscious) life in a wearable external pack that can carry out all of the most important functions of the human body.

      Anyway, crazy thought I know. But worth thinking about.

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      Aging has very little to do with blood, but you would be mixing in a soup of someone else’s white blood cells and antibodies with your own (most of yours aren’t in general circulation at any given moment), which seems, at the rate you’re suggesting, a very bad idea.

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      Theoretically speaking, you wouldn’t you have to transplant all organs to attain immorality?! Including the brain so it wouldn’t be you anymore.

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      As Darby said, the blood is not that much related to aging, but maybe if you added the stem cells, they could fix some problems…

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