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      Hi, I’m 15 years old and approximately 167cm tall (5.56′). My puberty started fairly late, when I was almost 14 so I believe I will still grow quite a lot. I’m thinking about becoming a vegeterian, but I’m wondering how it will effect my growth. Do vegeterians generally grow as tall as non-vegeterians. And is it possible to get all nutrients that effect growth that meat has, from somewhere else?


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      tallnes is a hereditry chracter..proper nuitrition can effect it to the sum extent.being a vegeterian good thinking..but getting more height you can do yoga excercise n take nutritious food it can help you to the some extent. rest the result on your genes. thanks!!

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      During your growing years, good nutrition is vital. Yes, poor nutrition can stunt growth. While genes are important, so is food.

      There are many kinds of vegetarianism. If you continue to eat animal protein in the form of fish, dairy products, eggs etc., you should have no real problem. If you go all the way and refuse to eat any animal products at all (veganism) you will need to take very special care in your diet, since such a diet is (more often than not) deficient in one or more of the following.
      Full amino acid protein.
      Iron, in readily assimilated form.
      Vitamin B12
      Calcium (best source is dairy products)

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