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      is there any chance a deepwell water that goes through the process of ionization be free from any microbial contaminants such as coliform?

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      I found this doing a search for myself with the same question a while ago.

      "Disease-bearing organisms are strongly affected by the pH of a water. They will not survive when water is either highly acid or highly alkaline. Thus treatment which sharply reduces or increases pH in relation to the normal range of 6.5 to 7.5 can be an effective means of destroying organisms."

      Most likely a water ionizer would do the job but I would definitely get the water tested afterwards just to be sure it effective for you.

      You can also email the guy I got my water ionizer from, he was very informative before I purchased from him. You can find him here. … r-ionizer/

      Hope that helps

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      I will leave that here:

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      Not sure poster meant application of pH extremes. In any case, you’d have to establish pretty extreme conditions – well outside the 6-7 range. Vibrio cholerae grows well in the 8-9 range and Salmonella spp. Staphylococcus aureus from 4-9. Some report that Salmonella can gow at values pH signifcantly <4.0.

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