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      I’m new here, and I’m unfortunately really lost on my biology homework. It’s so frustrating, because I feel like I’m the only dumb one in the class AAAH
      Anyway, we did an experiment where we cut up sweet potato and potato,found out their mass, and put the slices into different concentrations of sucrose solution(.0 to .6 mdm^-3) the next day, we took them out and weighed them again.overall, for the potato, the masses were higher at the second weighing (so after being in the solution), in the case of the 0 to .3 solutions,and the masses decreased after 0.4

      For the sweet potato, the masses just got higher for all the solutions.
      I have no idea what happened. Not even a little bit. Please help me! I don’t want you to do my homework for me, I just really need some help understanding the whole water potential thing ?
      I’m asking for help for the conclusion and evaluation, I didn’t really mention that sorry.

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      Osmosis. Direction of the water flow depending on solute concentration.

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