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      What is it called.. the ‘mist’ that comes out of your mouth when it is really cold out, could it be called steam? I am writing a poem, and would like to know.. how I could go about explaining that.. Thanks

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      condensation. It is due to the high humidity of the air coming out of your lung that condensate (there is too much water to stay dissolved as gas at this temperature in the air so in forms droplets) in the cold air outside.
      In fact fog and what you call steam (steam would be invisible if the air above the boiling water was dry and hot enough to avoid condensation) are exactly the same. As well as the water on your bathroom mirror after you had that hot bath 😉

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      That just about summed it up! Thank you very much! Condensation of course- why didn’t I think of that word..! I also just wanted to see if steam was appropriate.

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