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      mr bollocks

      what is it that makes poo brown?

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      what about bile pigments. I think they do contribute.

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      mr bollocks

      but why is poo brown regardless of what you’ve been eating?

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      Like i said, regardless of what you have been eating, bile pigments from the gall bladder act as some sort of colour dye. So, inevitably, poo will be brown.

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      I think it has something to do with your body excreting used red blood cells, which like your blood, turns kind of browny-coloured when its old, like if you have some blood on a tissue and you throw it in the bin, a few days later, it’s kind of turned brown. It just happens to come out of your butt… 😯

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      mr bollocks

      is there any way to make it a different colour? say, eat this for green poo, eat that for blue poo. what about urine? can you change the colour of that?

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      Hey…1 picture is enough man…you’re really a poo master 😆
      oh yes, maybe I can explain a little about the machanism:
      our body recycle the erythrocytes become Bilirubine and Biliverdine (some kinda of things that are used to give color to our “junks”) and kept in the gall bladder. So, I can say that we only have one color of erythrocytes which is red so don’t suppose about changing color of your poo.
      About urine, actually you can change its color. 😆 Just drink a little water per day. It will darken the colour of your urine.
      Some urine can be red to brown-colored also, because in a case of thalasemia which using desferal liquid to throw away the excess of iron substances from our blood through urine.

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      After eating a lot of veggies it turns greenish colored. One pic is definitely enough!! lol. 😆

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      Warning, view at your own risk

      Poop Report

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      ow come on.. I’ve still got 3 years to go till university and even I know that!
      The liver, whith cleaning up the “broken” red blood cells, puts the bilirubine that comes from that in the gal(I’m not sure what it’s called in English). , together with lots of other byproducts. Sometimes, when something goes wrong with the vileducts or elsewhere in that region, bilirubine is introduced into the blood, which makes you look yellow. That’s what happenes when you’ve got hepatitis. Also then the poo goes almost white, the colour of paint.
      At least that is what I had to study for my test last term.

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      That’s what I have read as well.

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      PLEASE ignore my post. Well, you will have to ignore it since i deleted it. Bilirubine and biliverdine ar pigments, you guys are right… I was wrong. I appologise

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      I didn’t realize so many people took pictures of feces. lol 😯

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      one time my three year old son pooed blue…. can you explain that???

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      quote b_d_41501:

      After eating a lot of veggies it turns greenish colored. One pic is definitely enough!! lol. 😆

      Actually, yes! I discovered as a young child that eating crayons will definitely provide alternate colors.

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      you can change the colour once my freinds birthday cake icing was eeelectric blue and we both pooped blue, i mean we didnt look for it but i mean u notice lol
      it must have to do with the properties of the dye too .

      and may i say poo isnt always brown, so it must be a few things that affect the colouring

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